It’s a shame for your business to miss out on internet exposure…
When your competitors get it so easily.
Are you getting the same internet exposure as your competitors?

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Web Design

Do you have more customers than you can handle?

Does your business have a website that automatically converts visitors into leads without the need for sales reps or staff?

The world is now online. You can now fit an entire yellow pages, white pages, street directory, encyclopaedia, atlas and diary can be stored in one palm size device.

Your website is fast becoming the front of your business. Even if your business is referred by word of mouth, 9 out of 10 times the potential new lead will look at your website first.

Does your website have what it takes to generate customers, or are your sales leads slipping through the cracks?

Websites don’t have to be complicated, But they do need to target the right clients for your business

A simple five page website, with the right or correct wording, images and call to action can make an incredible difference to your bottom line.

Meet Heather and Adrian, they were builders of beautiful Queenslander style homes. However the building aspect was getting tougher so they decided to restructure their business to supply kit homes instead. Of course they needed to promote this and what better way to do than to build a website that allowed customers to see their range and show off their services.

So was born. They came to us with a large list of homes with hundreds of pictures and specs. We wanted to build a site that delivered enough information to satisfy the visitor, however we also wanted to generate the leads. We did exactly that. The result. Within 2 days of the website going live, Adrian and Heather had 12 emails requesting more information.

Since then leads have average about 1.5 a day and Heather and Adrian are very busy responding to these potential customers. The best par tis that we built the site so they could easily login and make changes without the need for technical support.

Adrian’s story is just one of many, his site is a simple clean website that converts well.

Does your website get your phone ringing off the hook?
  • If your business is still behind the times, then you are losing a huge amount of leads and that means customers too!.
  • If you have a website that isn’t bringing new customers to your door, a few minor changes to convert it from a static website to a lead generating machine.
  • We can help you either way. Call us today, or contact us using the from below and include your web address and we will review your site, and contact you with suggested changes that could get your phone calling straight away.

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