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  • Are you a small to medium size business looking for more customers?Did you know that around 95% of people select a company that appears in the top search results online. And approximately 70% of people have use the internet to look up local business in the last 12 months* 2010 data For businesses ranking on the first page of Google, this means a lot of potential customers.
  • Does your website currently rank high on search engines? Is your business tapping into the massive customer potential Google alone can generate?If not, you are losing money. Search Engine Optimisation of your website can increase rankings and increase sales. You will no longer need to search for prospects! Rankings on Google and other search engines deliver prospects that are already actively seeking your products and services.

Meet Adrian, he came to us in early 2012 with a problem. He was a landscaper, he had the skills, he had the tools, but he didn't have the customers. His weekly advertisement in the local paper got him a few calls a month, but nothing to get excited about. He thought he had done everything right, he had a website, he had advertised, but the phone hardly rang. He was ready to throw in the business and get a job.

I took a look at his website, which he told me a friend had built for him, and it was nice looking. However to Google, the site was all wrong. In fact Google didn't even know it existed, he couldn't even find see his website in the results site typing in his business name. I made him a deal, he had to wait 3 months before getting a 'job' and I would overhaul his website and rank him for just 3 keywords.

The result. Adrian reach page one off Google in 3 months, and started to get calls. Within 5 months he
was in position one and his biggest complaint was to many calls. He couldn’t get any work done.
This was one small 5 page website, and three rankings in Google. His business went from $80pa per year
to almost $500pa in only 6 months.


Adrian’s story is awesome. ACR Landscaping is a small independent business making great money. Here’s the thing, Adrian doesn’t have a shop front. He works from his truck and home office. His website is his shop front.

Could your business do with this additional exposure?

  • Just one keyword on page 1 of Google could generate you more leads, without you doing a thing. Imagine, warm leads calling you for information?
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